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Big Inspo for The Big Game

When you have a husband or significant other with a passion for something, I think most people find themselves adopting that passion in one way or another. For me, one of my husband’s passions is football and specifically speaking the Kansas City Chiefs. So, while I do find myself leaning in and I’ll say it — even enjoying the games, I’ve always used the game as an excuse to try out that new recipe, breakout my favorite serving pieces or to invite friends over so I can pull out all the stops! So in my decade+ as a member of Chiefs Kingdom and a football wife (um hello, it is on most Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays so the commitment is real!), there are a few tips and tricks that I’ve gathered along the way. 

  • Game day foods tend to lean to the appetizer/finger food domain so smaller sized plates will be perfect! We love these White Scalloped Plates at our house but also don’t be afraid to pull out the paper products! We love these Vietri Cocktail Napkins and think these Meri Meri Scallop Paper Plates are cute, too! 
  • Pick your platter players ahead of time and don’t be afraid to mix and match for a collected, curated look. Also try to mix the sizes and shapes for added variety. The options are endless when it comes to serve ware. We have been using these Staub Bowls for small snack serving (also come in white!), this Bee Ceramic Serving Bowl, and cute Rattan Baker to keep items hot for serving! 
  • Cake stands can be your friend to give height to the spread and again help to make room for everything to fit in the designated space. While not on color for the weekend, this Vietri Santorini Cake Stand is a classic favorite. They do say blue and white is always right!

Now on to the main event!… err I mean menu! Feeling stuck or uninspired for what to make for this weekend’s Big Game? A few things I like to consider when deciding — 

  • Keep it relatively easy! I personally don’t feel like a football game watch party is the time to spend hours in the kitchen over a pot on the stove. Good things do come to those that wait but let’s find something that is slow cooker friendly. Some of my go-to’s are this Delish Pulled Pork that is good enough to eat solo or can easily be made into sliders. We also love this Mac and Cheese Recipe by the Pioneer Women. Make it a side dish or a meal with a toppings bar!  
  • Make sure you have something for everyone! An easy way to accomplish this is to do a smorgasbord of small bites - sliders, crudités, cheese tray, etc. Having a variety makes sure that everyone’s needs are covered! Some of my other menu go to’s are these Bisquick Sausage Balls (will be making these again by request on Sunday!) and Crispy Baked Boursin with Spicy Honey.
  • Don’t be afraid of store bought! Whether you’re hosting or a guest bringing something, a gathering of any sort can be a perfect opportunity to support a local business. So if you’re short on time or just don’t feel like cooking, stop in a local bakery for some sweet treats or even a local restaurant for a menu item to-go!

Now who is ready for some football, commercials and a hopeful T.Swift spotting? Go Chiefs!! 

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