Master the Art of Coffee Table Book Styling

Master the Art of Coffee Table Book Styling

So, you've decided to up your interior design game, and pull coffee table books into the mix. These oversized tomes are more than just reading material; they're conversation starters, art pieces, and sources of inspiration. But let's be honest, they're also a little intimidating. Fear not, for today we're going to dive into the delightful world of coffee table book styling and share a few of our favorite tips.

1. Selecting the Perfect Coffee Table Companions:

First and foremost, let's discuss the art of curating your collection, because it's all about finding that ideal blend. Seek out titles that resonate with your interests, symbolize your personal style, have eye-catching covers or are filled with captivating content. 

2. The Art of the Stack:

Now, onto the art of stacking. Remember, size matters. No one likes an unstable stack that could topple at any moment. We generally arrange our books from the largest to the smallest. If you decide to grace the stack with a photo frame, figurine, or any other decorative item, it's often a good idea to place solid-color books on top for balance. However, if your book stack is standing alone as the centerpiece, going with a bold cover choice on top can be statement making. 

3. Mix & Match:

Remember, coffee table books can get a little heavy – in more ways than one. Mix and match them with other elements on your coffee table to create balance. Try a lush plant, a woven tray, or a favorite candle. We also love a small container or box to stash those television remotes. 

4. Think Outside the Box:

Don't limit yourself to showcasing coffee table books solely on your coffee table; they have the potential to make an impact throughout your home. In our case, we love placing them on bedside tables, television consoles, and in guest rooms, where they effortlessly create an impression. Leaving them open to a favorite page adds an extra layer of enjoyment for guests, who can continue flipping through for inspiration. 

Styling your coffee table books isn't rocket science, but it's an art that can truly transform your living space. Let your personality shine through and you'll have a collection of beautiful books that double as amazing conversation starters. 


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