The Infamous Coupe

The Infamous Coupe

The coupe glass embodies a blend of historical charm, timeless design, and a nod to a glamorous past, making it the epitome of chic glassware in the world of cocktails and celebrations.

Legend has it that the coupe glass made its debut in the grand courts of 18th-century France, where extravagance and elegance reigned supreme. Some say it was Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France herself, who designed it to hold her beloved bubbly, giving it the royal seal of approval. Although the true origin story is shrouded in mystery, there's no denying the coupe's French flair.

As the years rolled on, the coupe glass became the star of the show during the glamorous heyday of cocktails in the Roaring Twenties. Speakeasies and jazz clubs embraced its unique design for concocting classic cocktails like the French 75 and the Sidecar. Sure enough, every sip became a sip of sophistication, every drink a statement of style.

Yet, as the mid-20th century swung in, practicality flirted with the limelight, momentarily dimming the coupe's sparkle. Fears of spillage and the rise of the martini glass led to a brief intermission for our chic protagonist.

However, a short time later the coupe glass made a triumphant comeback, reclaiming its status as the epitome of style. Today, the coupe glass is the life of the party with its sleek silhouette and vintage allure. You're sure to find your chicest of friends doting one during cocktail hour and you'd be remiss not to have a set in your personal collection.   

So cheers to the coupe glass, we think it's here to stay! Shop our collection of coupes for your next girls night, dinner party, or friday cocktail club. 

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